COVID-19 Counterattack Vietnam! Largest Port Shut Down due to Over 200 Million Cases!


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August 9, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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The epidemic in Vietnam has further spread, with nearly 10,000 cases in a single day, making 19 cities continue lockdown, close factories, and postpone industrial production. Most importantly, the ports in Vietnam were seriously congested, and the storage yard was also nearly saturated with containers. Take Port of Cat Lai and Port of Cai Mep International Terminal, for example. They’ve announced to suspend the acceptance of import and export containers due to the latest congestion.FIGURE 1|GoogleAccording to the latest data, there were 12,275 newly confirmed cases on August 7, with a 7-day average of 7,942 cases and a total of 203 million cases. Among the cities affected by the second-wave epidemic, Ho Chi Minh City, the “epicentre” of southern Vietnam, accounted for half of the country’s new case.In view of the second wave of COVID-19, the PM of Vietnam issued an order on July 31 to request 19 provinces in the south, including Ho Chi Minh City, to extend the lockdown and continue to implement alert in the following two weeks, which means one-third of the entire territory would be blocked.FIGURE 2|MarineTrafficSaigon Newport Corporation (SNP), the Vietnamese port operator, stated that due to the epidemic, the container yard is nearly saturated, the number of dockworkers has been reduced to half, and truck drivers are also facing shortages. According to the announcement released by SNP, Port of Cat Lai temporarily stopped moving import laden containers from ports in the Cai Mep area and receiving import laden containers with high yard occupancy due to a rapid surge in the volume of over-dwelled import containers at Tan Cang – Cat Lai Terminal (TCCL).The chaos now is spreading northward, and the Vietnamese government previously decided to block the Port of Qui Nhon in the central region of the country. We would like to remind shippers who have Vietnamese clients to pay attention to the latest news at the port, arrange shipments reasonably, and be cautious about shipping risks.

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